Poignant description of how childhood traumas affect the present

February 20, 2015

As scientific evidence mounts demonstrating and explaining how our childhood experiences affect our brains, bodies, and adult experiences and behaviors, we can use that evidence to help us notice those effects in our daily lives. Bringing the subconscious to consciousness is the first step to healing.

I read a moving piece written by a woman, who like many of us went through difficult or frightening times in her childhood, during which her parents failed to make her feel safe and protected. With tremendous honesty in her self-analysis, she movingly explains her own life experience. Her genuine description of how it feels to be her powerfully demonstrates how childhood traumas, including even parental neglect or failure to reassure a child, can impact that child throughout life.

Please take a look at this moving and very real piece and start considering in what areas of your life childhood experiences are affecting you. What patterns and what pain are you re-living?

Weathered by My High ACE Score, at ACEs Connection, February 14, 2015.

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