Study links childhood neglect to adult relationship problems

June 5, 2013

A recent study, reported on at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, found a direct link between childhood neglect and relationship difficulties in adulthood, including an inability to form lasting close relationships with others.

The study, conducted by Thachell Tanis and Lisa J. Cohen, Ph.D., on 114 non-psychotic patients, used clinical self-report surveys with 114 patients to evaluate the patients’ childhood histories and adult relational capacity

The Multidimensional Neglectful Behavior Scale measured the subjects’ history of neglect in childhood, and the Severity Indicies of Personality Problems assessed the capacity for intimacy and enduring relationships.

The findings were striking.

Childhood neglect as a whole correlated with an 81% negative affect in ability to form lasting relationships in adulthood.

See the report in Clinical Psychiatry News: Childhood Neglect Affects Close Adult Relationship Capacity

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